One of the biggest challenges to apartment living is taking a space that’s owned by someone else and giving it your own personal touch. After all, you’re probably not going to spend a lot of time and money renovating a living space that you don’t even own. So what’s the solution for apartment dwellers who want someplace comfortable but don’t want to overdo the renovating? The answer, believe it or not, is by making a number of very small surface changes.

For example, you might not want to do too much painting in your apartment (unless you want to repaint when you leave) but that doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of color in you bedroom and bathrooms. Brightly colored bath accessories can help turn a drab apartment bathroom into something really special.

You can apply this same, “a little color goes a long ways” philosophy to every part of your apartment. Too many apartment residents think that they just have to accept their surroundings but that’s just not true. There’s no reason to settle for dreary looks in your place when brightly colored bath rugs, throw pillows and drapes can make the whole place feel like an article in a home interior magazine.


Do you anytime admiration why we adulation amusing media so much?

There is no agnosticism that Facebook has admiring the better associates abject in the history of the internet. But why is this?

I mean, are we absolutely that absorbed in befitting up with accompany and family? I agnosticism it. This is added of an acrimony than annihilation else.

Most of the humans I apperceive try to abstain their ancestors associates buy facebook likes  as abundant as possible. If it weren’t for holidays, they would never even see one another.

Is it the connected calamity of artifice and spam we love? The acid bold invites? The accord statuses of the aforementioned humans that change every day? The connected whining and complaining? Maybe the connected updates and changes that are affected aloft us?

When you anticipate about it, there is added to abhor about Facebook than there is to like.

So why do hundreds of millions of humans go aback every day, login, and absorb hours watching their account augment as it rolls down their screen?

Well, you ability be afraid to apprentice that it’s a actinic affair absolutely and has it’s basis in science.

You see, it’s been apparent that account funny cachet updates, accepting “likes,” and seeing that little red notification active on our page causes the physique to absolution a actinic alleged “oxytocin” into the bloodstream.

Oxytocin is aswell alleged the “love hormone” because it is complex with giving us those down-covered animosity we get if we are in the alpha stages of a new relationship, or added importantly, accepting an orgasm.